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What is upskilling? Is it for "no experience" hires or current software testers?

Micro-credentials have been referred to as "today’s career-future-proofing tool" for individuals, but micro-credentials also future-proof your business. Micro-credentials are also a quick and inexpensive way to upskill employees in companies to help develop new software testers and build the next generation of QA experts and managers.

Upskilling allows employers to:

  • Retain or hire employees with no QA experience and train them to be software testers
  • Provide a career path for current testers to learn new areas and get promoted
AT*SQA's AT*Micro™ offerings are the easy way to accomplish both goals. These software testing micro-credentials cover both the basics of testing as well as advanced and specialized areas.

Why AT*Micro™? Let's face it, businesses are already working at 100% and employees have both personal and business life to juggle every day. Micro-credentials from AT*SQA fit into a busy schedule and a tight budget because:
  • They break up large subjects into smaller topics that are quick and easy to learn
  • They require only a day or two of studying, and the exams have just 10 questions
  • They include free study materials with the option for AT*Learn™ online training for just $7.99/month

If you plan to use AT*Micro™ credentials and AT*Learn training company-wide, contact AT*SQA for volume discounts.

Learn How to Upskill in Software Testing

AT*SkillStack™ makes it easy to add software QA credentials to your team

AT*SkillStack™ is a great way to build a stack of skills across your entire team. Which AT*SkillStack will you choose?

The first SkillStack offered by AT*SQA is Testing Essentials. When someone passes the 8 AT*Micro™ (micro-credential) exams below, they will automatically stack to the AT*SQA Testing Essentials certification!

  1. Test Approaches
  2. Testing Techniques
  3. Test Automation
  4. Performance Testing
  5. Cybersecurity Testing
  6. Usability Testing
  7. Testing for IOT and Mobile
  8. DevOps Testing
The newest SkillStack offered is Agile Testing. When you earn all 4 AT*Micro™ (micro-credential) exams below, they will automatically stack to the AT*SQA  Agile Testing certification!
  1. Agile Methodologies
  2. Agile Implementation
  3. Making Agile Work
  4. Test Approaches

Don't forget: Your company gains prestige because your testers will be added to the Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers™ starting with the first AT*Micro exam. Plus they keep earning Testing Tiers® software tester ranking points with each new AT*Micro exam and certification exam!

Learn more about the Software Testing Talent Stack

Get Stacking!

Find Qualified Software Testers Quickly

Software quality demands have never been greater, so finding the perfect match between employers and software testers can be difficult. The new AT*Work™ software testing directory makes it easy for both parties. 

For testers seeking job opportunities, the AT*Work directory provides a platform to showcase their talents and connect with prospective employers. Creating a profile is simple and intuitive, allowing testers to highlight their skills and demonstrate their proficiency in various software testing areas. Learn how to appear in the AT*Work directory.

The AT*Work software testing directory is also an easy way for employers to find certified and credentialed testers with specific skills, knowledge, and experience. Learn more or search now

Search the AT*Work™ Software Tester Directory
Testing Tiers® Software Tester Ranking

Are You on the List? What is Your Level?

As a professional on the Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers™, you have shown your commitment to working efficiently with U.S. companies and their software development teams by:

  • Demonstrating your American English ability through the exam registration process
  • Passing AT*SQA's official American English version of your certification exam
  • Building your level in the Testing Tiers® software tester rankings
The only way you can appear on the Official U.S. List and Testing Tiers is by taking your ISTQB certifications, AT*SQA certifications, and AT*SQA micro-credentials through AT*SQA. Learn more now.
See the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™
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