Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers™

This is the Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers™ used by American employers to check for ISTQB and AT*SQA software testing certifications and micro-credentials.

Use this list to confirm and compare software testers' QA knowledge, skills, and level. Each tester's profile page includes their specific achievements and their Testing Tiers® level.

The testers on this list are certified or credentialed by the American Software Testing Qualifications Board (ASTQB - ISTQB in the U.S.) and/or the Association for Testing and Software Quality Assurance (AT*SQA). ASTQB is the official United States Certification Board for ISTQB certifications. AT*SQA is ASTQB’s official global exam provider for ISTQB exams, as well as the provider of AT*SQA testing certifications and software testing micro-credentials.

This is the ONLY complete, authoritative listing of certifications issued by ISTQB’s United States board.

Employers: The testers on this list have passed the only official American English exams created by ISTQB’s official U.S. Board, ASTQB, and AT*SQA. Doing so demonstrates their ability and commitment to communicating effectively with your U.S. software quality team.

U.S. Dept. of Labor-sponsored O*NET Ally Both AT*SQA and ASTQB have been recognized by O*NET – the United States Department of Labor-sponsored career program – for their contributions to the software testing profession and this critical United States career resource.

The Testing Tiers® software tester rankings displayed in the testers’ profiles help you to compare the overall levels of testers. Learn how Testing Tiers® software tester rankings are calculated.

Enter the name below to search for certified and credentialed testers. If you have been certified or credentialed by ASTQB / AT*SQA and do not see your name here, you can update your display preferences inside your AT*SQA account.

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