Educational Resources for Software Testing Jobs

ISTQB and AT*SQA certifications can be important tools for getting software testing jobs and promotions.

Below, see our free AT*SQA and ISTQB sample exam questions & answers, syllabi and the software testing glossary of terms.

Also see the AT*Learn software testing course for just $4.99 per month, as well as the ASTQB-accredited ISTQB training providers.

Finally, don't overlook our free software QA education resources including software testing webinars, podcasts and white papers.

AT*SQA Testing Training Course:
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ISTQB Testing Training Courses Accredited by ASTQB

For ISTQB/ASTQB exams offered by AT*SQA, see ASTQB's list of accredited software testing training companies. "Accredited" means proven to adequately cover the ISTQB Certification syllabi.

  • General Testing Knowledge - Basic Level
  • Foundation Level Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Testing Essentials Certification Syllabus (AT*SQA)
  • Specialist Testing Knowledge - Basic Level
  • Agile Testing Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Automotive Software Testing Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Business Analyst Certification Syllabus/Body of Knowledge (IQBBA)
  • Connected Devices Testing Certification Syllabus (AT*SQA)
  • DevOps Testing Certification Syllabus (AT*SQA)
  • Mobile Testing Certification Syllabus (ASTQB)
  • Model-Based Testing Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Performance Testing Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Usability Testing Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Advanced Testing Knowledge - General and Specialist
  • Advanced Test Analyst Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Advanced Test Manager Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Advanced Technical Test Analyst Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Advanced Security Tester Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Advanced Test Automation Engineer Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Expert Testing Knowledge
  • Expert Test Management Certification Syllabus (ISTQB)
  • Online Glossary of Software Testing Terms
  • Glossary of Software Testing Terms
  • Glossary of Mobile Software Testing Terms
  • Glossary of Performance Testing Terms
  • Glossary of Software Testing Terms Release Notes Version 3.2
  • Glossary of Software Testing Terms Release Candidate Terms Version 3.2