Exam Registration for ISTQB, ASTQB, IQBBA Certifications

Register for an ISTQB exam. By registering through AT*SQA, the official ISTQB exam provider for ASTQB, you can appear on both the ISTQB.org certified tester list and ASTQB's official U.S. certified tester list.

If you already have a voucher code, follow the steps below to schedule your exam.

Register for an ISTQB Exam now

Scheduling Your Exam

  1. Once you have a voucher code, log in to My Account.
  2. Verify your email address with AT*SQA if you haven’t done so previously.
  3. Follow the instructions to schedule your exam.
  4. Select your exam then choose a testing center location. You can search by country, state/province, city, and postal code at the top of the page.
  5. Choose the date and time you want to start. Then check the box at the bottom of page – after doing so you can click “Select”.
  6. Enter your voucher code and click Check Out at the bottom.

You may have received a voucher code from a training provider or your company. If that is the case, please create an account, log in, then continue with step 2 above.

In support of AT*SQA's educational and scientific purposes in the fields of software testing and software quality assurance, AT*SQA supports the administration of the software testing body of knowledge and technical standards as an exam provider for software quality assurance and business analyst (software requirements) certifications.

Why do we support software testing certification as part of our educational mission? We believe the certification exam provides an independent benchmark of software quality knowledge and skills. While education is itself a noble pursuit, the certification exam provides feedback regarding the attainment of the knowledge and skills. It provides a goal for the learner, and proof of that educational attainment.

To support the administration of the software testing body of knowledge and technical standards in the United States, AT*SQA is the ISTQB exam provider for ASTQB, the U.S. Board for ISTQB Software Tester Certification. As such, anyone registering for an ISTQB exam through AT*SQA may choose to be included in the official list of U.S. certified software testers. Likewise, AT*SQA is also the exam provider for ASTQB software testing exams, and IQBBA business analyst exams, supporting the administration of the specialty software testing and business analyst (includes software requirements, critical to software quality) body of knowledge and technical standards in the United States.