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Exam Registration for ISTQB, ASTQB & IQBBA Certifications

You can now take the ASTQB Mobile Testing Certification exam online at home!

It's easy to register for your ISTQB, ASTQB, or IQBBA exam. Just choose from the options below:

Option A: Purchase your ISTQB/ASTQB exam voucher.

This is the option most people use. Purchase your exam voucher, then choose your date and time inside your account.

Option B: Schedule your exam with an existing voucher:

If you haven't done so previously, create an account or log in and then choose Schedule My Exam.

Option C: You are a training provider or company purchasing multiple exam vouchers:

First create an account using a general administrative email. Then purchase your exam vouchers for ISTQB, ASTQB or IQBBA certification (purchase 20 or more at a time to receive a discount). Note that you may be prompted to complete your contact information before proceeding to the purchase form. Have each exam taker create their own account using their personal email address (this will allow them to receive results and access their certificate). Then give them each a voucher code in whatever way is easiest for you. They will then each schedule their individual exam through their AT*SQA account. NOTE: If you have several people taking exams at the same time, you can request an on-site exam at your location with our Group Scheduling form.

Remember, ONLY AT*SQA gets you on both the successful candidate registry PLUS the Official U.S. List of Certified Testers when you pass! Purchase your exam voucher now.

Additional Details for Scheduling Your Exam for ISTQB, ASTQB and IQBBA Certifications

  1. Once you have a voucher code, log in to My Account.
  2. Follow the instructions on the My Account page, including verifying your email address if you have not done so previously.
  3. Click Schedule My Exam. You will be prompted for your permission to pass your name and email through to Webassessor by Kryterion. Click Accept to continue.
  4. Select your exam, and then choose a testing center location. You can search by country, state/province, city, and postal code at the top of the page.
  5. Next, choose the date and time you want to start. Be sure to check the box at the bottom of pageThen click Select.
  6. Enter your voucher code and click Check Out at the bottom.
  7. Best luck and wishes for your exam!