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AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credentials help you prepare for software testing jobs and promotions with cutting-edge, specialized software testing knowledge.

Plus you will get the attention of employers as you:

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I would recommend the AT*SQA Micro-Credentials to both new and experienced software testers. For anyone new to testing, they provide a great introduction and overview of the world of software testing. They are also broken up into bite size chunks that are easier to understand and not as overwhelming as the larger full certifications.

For experienced testers, the AT*SQA Micro-Credentials provide a great way to brush up on fundamentals, plus possibly identify areas of interest or potential improvement for some of the more advanced topics.”

James B., who has earned 9 AT*SQA Micro-Credentials and 7 ISTQB/AT*SQA/IQBBA Certifications

List of AT*SQA Micro-Credentials

AT*SQA Micro-Credentials are currently available for Performance Testing, Cybersecurity Testing, DevOps Testing, Usability Testing, Testing for IoT and Mobile, Test Approaches, Test Automation, Testing Techniques and API Testing. See the descriptions of each AT*SQA Micro-Credential.

Performance Testing Micro-Credential
CyberSecurity Testing Micro-Credential
DevOps Testing Micro-Credential
Usability Testing Micro-Credential
Testing for IoT and Mobile Micro-Credential
Test Approaches Micro-Credential
Test Automation Micro-Credential
Testing Techniques Micro-Credential
Testing Using The Cloud Micro-Credential
API Testing Micro-Credential

Software Testing Micro-Credential Skill Stacks for Software Testing: AT*SkillStack

When you pass these eight software testing micro-credentials, you will also automatically earn the AT*SQA Testing Essentials Certification! Software Testing Talent Stack will help take your career further!

  1. Test Approaches Micro-Credential
  2. Testing Techniques Micro-Credential
  3. DevOps Testing Micro-Credential
  4. Testing for IoT and Mobile Micro-Credential
  5. Performance Testing Micro-Credential
  6. Usability Testing Micro-Credential
  7. Cybersecurity Testing Micro-Credential
  8. Test Automation Micro-Credential

You can earn these stackable micro-credentials in any order. When you have completed all 8, contact the AT*SQA support team and we will award your AT*SQA Testing Essentials Certification for being part of the AT*SkillStack™ challenge!

Bonus: AT*SkillStack™ Challenge

Are you planning to get the full Software Testing Skill Stack? If so, the next person to email us after completing all of 8 Micro-Credentials will get the API Testing Micro-Credential exam free! If you already have that Micro-Credential, we will give your a coupon towards the next AT*SQA Micro-Credential that is released.

How do you earn an AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credential?

Study for the Exam

Study for AT*SQA Micro-Credential exam

You can self-study using resources such as the free AT*SQA Body of Knowledge ("BOK") for AT*SQA Testing Essentials, AT*SQA DevOps Testing, or AT*SQA Testing for IoT and Mobile:

AT*SQA Testing Essentials BOK AT*SQA DevOps Testing BOK AT*SQA Testing for IoT and Mobile BOKAT*SQA API Testing BOKAT*SQA Testing Using The Cloud BOK

Plus you can use our AT*Learn Essentials of Testing training course for a low monthly cost.

AT*Learn Essentials of Software Testing training course

And you can also utilize our free software testing webinars and podcasts. These are great study resources for micro-credentials in DevOps Testing, Cloud Training and Testing, Cybersecurity Testing, and Testing for IoT and Mobile (connected devices testing) in particular.

Register for an Exam

AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credential Exam: Just $39

At just $39 per exam, AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credentials make it easy to increase your software quality knowledge, build your credentials with employers, and move up the Testing Tiers® software tester rankings.

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Take the Exam

Take the AT*SQA Micro-Credential exam

  • Use any resources you want ("open book") during the 20 minute exam.
  • The exam is 10 questions long. A passing score is 70% or above.
  • You get a free second try if you don't pass the exam on your first try. Both attempts must be taken within 365 days of the micro-credential exam purchase.

Exam Format: 10 Questions | 20 minutes | Open-Book

When you pass, you'll receive an AT*SQA Micro-Credential certificate and it will be listed on your Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentials Testers™ profile page. You will also be awarded points toward your Testing Tiers® software tester ranking.

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