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Software Testing Micro-Credentials

Prove your testing knowledge the easy way with stackable software testing micro-credentials from AT*SQA.

AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credentials help you develop and demonstrate your software testing knowledge 4 ways:

  1. Explore new software testing topics
  2. Keep your software testing skills current
  3. Prove your knowledge in specialized software testing areas
  4. Build your career path with stackable micro-credentials credentials in software testing

Raise your profile with employers! AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credentials:

Each Micro-Credential is $39 USD

See descriptions of each AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credential

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List of AT*SQA Micro-Credentials

AT*SQA Micro-Credentials are currently available for Performance Testing, Cybersecurity Testing, DevOps Testing, Usability Testing, Testing for IoT and Mobile, Test Approaches, Test Automation, and Testing Techniques. See the AT*SQA Micro-Credentials descriptions. These are stackable software testing micro-credentials that let you learn software testing one small piece at a time. Learn more below about micro-credential stackability.

Performance Testing
CyberSecurity Testing
DevOps Testing
Usability Testing
Connected Devices (Mobile & IoT) Testing
Test Approaches
Test Automation
Test Techniques
API Testing

Stackable Micro-Credentials for Software Testing

When you pass these eight software testing micro-credentials, you will also automatically earn the AT*SQA Testing Essentials Certification!

  1. Test Approaches Micro-Credential
  2. Testing Techniques Micro-Credential
  3. DevOps Testing Micro-Credential
  4. Testing for IoT and Mobile Micro-Credential
  5. Performance Testing Micro-Credential
  6. Usability Testing Micro-Credential
  7. Cybersecurity Testing Micro-Credential
  8. Test Automation Micro-Credential
You can earn these stackable micro-credentials in any order. When you have completed all 8, contact the AT*SQA support team and we will award your AT*SQA Testing Essentials Certification!

How do you earn an AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credential?

Study for the Exam

Study for AT*SQA Micro-Credential exam

You can self-study using resources such as the free AT*SQA Body of Knowledge ("BOK") for AT*SQA Testing Essentials, AT*SQA DevOps Testing, or AT*SQA Testing for IoT and Mobile:

AT*SQA Testing Essentials BOK AT*SQA DevOps Testing BOK AT*SQA Testing for IoT and Mobile BOKAT*SQA API Testing BOK

Plus you can use our AT*Learn Essentials of Testing training course for a low monthly cost.

AT*Learn Essentials of Software Testing training course

And you can also utilize our free software testing webinars and podcasts. These are great study resources for micro-credentials in DevOps Testing, Cybersecurity Testing, and Testing for IoT and Mobile (connected devices testing) in particular.

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AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credential Exam: Just $39

At just $39 per exam, AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credentials make it easy to increase your software quality knowledge, build your credentials with employers, and move up the Testing Tiers™ software tester rankings.

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Take the Exam

Take the AT*SQA Micro-Credential exam

  • Use any resources you want ("open book") during the 20 minute exam.
  • The exam is 10 questions long. A passing score is 70% or above.
  • You get a free second try if you don't pass the exam on your first try. Both attempts must be taken within 365 days of the micro-credential exam purchase.

Exam Format: 10 Questions | 20 minutes | Open-Book

When you pass, you'll receive an AT*SQA Micro-Credential certificate and it will be listed on your Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentials Testers™ profile page. You will also be awarded points toward your Testing Tiers™ software tester ranking.

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