FAQ: Micro-Credentials for Software Testing

Here are the answers to questions about micro-credentials for software testing and testing QA.

What is a software testing micro-credential?

Software testing micro-credentials are designed to demonstrate that you have cutting-edge software testing knowledge of a specialized area.

Why do testers get software testing micro-credentials?

Software testing micro-credentials are a fast way to show employers that you have basic knowledge of software testing area. They are also a helpful way to explore new testing topics to determine if you would like to learn more in that area.

Do software testing micro-credentials count toward my Testing Tiers® software tester ranking?

Yes, AT*SQA micro-credentials give you points toward your Testing Tiers® software tester rankings in the Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers™.

How do I prepare for a software testing micro-credential exam?

All of the AT*SQA micro-credentials offer a free body of knowledge that will help you prepare for the exam. Download the micro-credential body of knowledge here. AT*SQA also offers an optional - but very affordable - AT*Learn software testing training course that will help you prepare for the micro-credential exams.

How do I take a software testing micro-credential exam?

You can register for your software testing micro-credential exam on the AT*SQA website.

What is the difference between a micro-credential and a certification?

Micro-credentials are very focused and designed to ensure you have basic knowledge of a specialized area, and as such, they offer very short exams that you can study for relatively quickly. Certifications are designed to ensure you have a broader and deeper knowledge of a topic, so they have longer, more comprehensive exams. Both micro-credentials and certifications are valued by employers, as they recognized they are designed to demonstrate different levels and types of knowledge.

Can I take the micro-credentialexam online?

Yes, all AT*SQA micro-credential exams are taken from home or work. You will need a computer and can use your built-in camera and microphone on your computer/laptop.

Will I receive a hard copy certificate in the mail?

No, we do not offer a hard copy certificate. High resolution PDF certificates can be downloaded from your AT*SQA account upon passing the exam.

When will I appear on the Official U.S. List of Certified Testers?

After you pass your exam, you will receive official notification the next morning from AT*SQA via email. At that time, go into your AT*SQA account and update your Preferences to have your name appear on the list. If this is your first certification from AT*SQA or ASTQB, you will also be asked to set your "Name on Certificate." You will then appear instantly.

If I fail my exam, may I retake it?

Yes, each micro-credential exam purchase includes two attempts. If you fail both attempts, you may retake the exam by paying for another voucher at the same cost.

Is the micro-credential exam open book / open note?

Yes, the micro-credential exam allows you to use notes of any type. It is intended to ensure you have basic knowledge and know where to find information on that topic.

I have more questions about micro-credentials.

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