Recent Testing Tiers™ Point Earners

Congratulations to everyone who has been earning Testing Tiers™ points and adding to their ranking in the Official U.S. List of Certified Testers™!

The list of recent Testing Tiers™ points gainers is very long, so below is a random selection of 20 individuals with recent gains who have set their profile to display publicly. This list is updated throughout each day.

Certified Tester Recent Points
Noah Beattie 100
Mehrab Kamrani 100
Holley McBrearty 125
Clare A. Twilde 100
Samimullah Musamim 100
Putri Dwitya Weniwandari 200
Rusudan Tsereteli 100
Richard Vobl 100
Swetha Gade 100
Omar M. Elabd 100
Nica Anne F. Garcia 125
Sowjanya Koganti 100
Filomena Marques Ferreira 200
Paulina Montoya Munoz 100
Daria Karpenko 100
Jacob T. Wright 100
Khor Hong Ke 100
Tongyan Gong 100
Nelson Anye Nelly 100
Marion Guinto Franco 100