Recent Testing Tiers™ Point Earners

Congratulations to everyone who has been earning Testing Tiers™ points and adding to their ranking in the Official U.S. List of Certified Testers™!

The list of recent Testing Tiers™ points gainers is very long, so below is a random selection of 20 individuals with recent gains who have set their profile to display publicly. This list is updated throughout each day.

Certified Tester Recent Points
Jaykumar P Patelia 100
Coralee Bechteler 100
Ali Yousef Alkhowaiter 100
Bruke Tsehayetsidk 100
Jhansi Atluri 100
Reazul Islam 100
Reedhima Gunisity 100
Zachary Amores 100
Jezzrishaz Carr Bin Alif Carr 125
Matthew King 125
Russell Carey 100
Gonzalo de Diego Ramos 100
Deepali Jain 100
Samala Pranay Kumar 100
Devon Rhoden 100
Goh Jian Zhi 100
Emily Miksch 100
Varun Kumar Narayanaswamy 100