Do You Need Micro-Credentials for Software Testing?

Micro-credentials are becoming very important for software quality assurance jobs.

While software testing certifications have long been important for software QA testing jobs, software testing micro-credentials are relatively new to the industry. However, micro-credentials are quickly being noticed by employers, and employers are adding them to their job requirements. Here are the top three reasons micro-credentials can help you get software testing jobs.

  1. Employers think your job application is stronger when you have a micro-credential. Nearly 9 out of 10 U.S. employers agreed that earning an industry micro-credential strengthens a candidate's job application according to a survey done by Coursera. If you want to prove your software testing skills to employers, that means you need AT*SQA's AT*Micro™ micro-credentials.
  2. You are more likely to get the job if you have a micro-credential. According to that same survey, U.S. employers are 76% more likely to hire a candidate who has earned a micro-credential. AT*SQA offers nearly a dozen software testing micro-credentials that cover all the important software QA testing topics including performance testing, test automation, API testing, DevOps testing, and more.
  3. Employers are asking for AT*SQA micro-credentials in their job postings. A recent "Software Quality Assurance Engineer" job posting by a U.S. employer asked specifically for two micro-credentials: AT*SQA Test Approaches micro-credential and AT*SQA Testing Techniques micro-credential. These weren't listed as "nice to have" - they were part of the requirements for the job. Just as importantly, this was a job for QA engineers with 6-10 years of experience, proving AT*SQA micro-credentials are essential for all levels of software QA testing.

Do you need micro-credentials for software testing? According to employers, yes. To maximize your career options, you should also have ISTQB certifications. In both cases, be certain to get your certifications and credentials through AT*SQA. Only AT*SQA can add you to the Official List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers™ and award you Testing Tiers® ranking points to maximize your level. This will maximize your exposure to U.S. employers. When you earn an ISTQB certification through AT*SQA, you can also choose to appear on the ISTQB SCR.

Do have questions about which micro-credentials are best for you? Or how alternative credentials such as stackable software testing micro-credentials and badges can help your company with upskilling, reskilling, and workforce development? Send a note to our AT*SQA support team.