How to Improve Recruitment Efficiency By Using Micro-Credentials

Assess software testers quickly and efficiently to ensure you are interviewing only proven candidates.

Finding competent software QA professionals is critical to your company's success. However, screening candidates for their software testing knowledge can be difficult given the pace of change in software technologies and associated testing methodologies. An easy way to handle this challenge is by leveraging the micro-credentials offered by AT*SQA, a globally recognized software quality assurance organization.

AT*SQA's micro-credentials for software testing serve as clear indicators of a candidate's knowledge in specific areas. These areas cover a wide range of domains, including agile testing, mobile testing, test automation, test techniques, test approaches, DevOps testing, and many more. These micro-credentials offer a practical solution to vet candidates quickly and accurately, significantly improving your hiring efficiency.

AT*SQA software testing micro-credentials can be purchased in bulk at a volume discount so companies can request that candidates take these micro-credential exams as part of their application process. By doing so, employers ensure that only those candidates who have validated their claimed expertise by passing an AT*SQA exam proceed to the interview stage. Candidates have an incentive to take AT*SQA micro-credential exams because if they pass, they will be added to the Official U.S. List of Certified and Credentialed Software Testers™ and start building their Testing Tiers® ranking level.

By integrating AT*SQA micro-credentials into the hiring process, recruiters ensure that they are investing their time and resources into interviewing candidates who have proven their knowledge in the specific areas of software testing relevant to the job role. This improves the efficiency and effectiveness of recruitment processes.

Another significant benefit of these micro-credentials is the standardization they bring to the recruitment process. Company recruiters and interviewers can differ in their questions and assessment, resulting in inconsistent evaluations. AT*SQA micro-credentials provide standardization, enabling employers to compare candidates from different backgrounds, educational levels, and experiences fairly.

Of course, while AT*SQA micro-credentials bring tremendous benefits to the pre-employment screening process, they should be considered as part of a comprehensive recruitment strategy. They provide a reliable measure of a candidate's software testing knowledge, allowing you to focus on complementary evaluation methods, such as behavioral interviews, to assess cultural fit and soft skills.

AT*SQA software testing micro-credentials provide an innovative approach to pre-employment screening, enabling organizations to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of their hiring process. By investing in these micro-credentials, you can streamline your recruitment strategies, ensuring you are always equipped with highly skilled software testing professionals. As the landscape of software testing continues to evolve, AT*SQA will continue to develop micro-credentials to match, ensuring you always have a reliable, cost-effective tool for software testing recruitment.

Do have questions about AT*SQA micro-credentials and bulk pricing? Contact our AT*SQA support team.