What Are the Best Micro-Credentials for Quality Assurance (QA)?

Micro-Credentials can help you advance your career in QA across many industries.

Studies show that employers value micro-credentials on your job application. If you want to build a career in quality assurance (QA), here are the top 5 micro-credentials that can help you develop in-demand QA knowledge in many industries, including software QA:
  1. Test Approaches Micro-Credential: There is nothing more important to QA than understanding how the QA for a project will be accomplished. This QA micro-credential covers topics such as QA risk, QA requirements, and QA strategy.
  2. Testing Techniques Micro-Credential: Which QA techniques are suitable, when should they be applied in the QA process, and which QA conditions should be targeted? This QA micro-credential gives you helpful knowledge in these areas.
  3. Cybersecurity Micro-Credential: With cybersecurity being an omnipresent threat to QA, this micro-credentials considers the verification of security requirements as part of your QA system. This QA micro-credential also touches upon threat modeling based on threat intelligence.
  4. Test Automation Micro-Credential: Automation of testing and QA is a hot topic in every industry. Knowledge of QA test automation helps you understand how mimicking the user interaction with the system can help you more rapidly conduct QA.
  5. Testing Using the Cloud Micro-Credential: Utilizing cloud services as part of your QA toolkit allows you to cover more situations more quickly. This QA micro-credential gives you insights into the strengths and weaknesses of this approach.
See the full list of QA micro-credentials that can help you build your quality assurance career.

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