What is the AT*Work™ directory of software testers for hire?

The AT*Work™ directory of software testers available for hire helps employers find certified and credentialed software testers for jobs and projects. Employers can search based on self-reported skills for:

  • Full-time software testers who have been laid off or are seeking their first software testing job
  • Independent software testers for temporary, freelance software testing projects

Employers: Search for specific skills and get peace of mind knowing the testers in the AT*Work™ directory have at least one software testing certification or micro-credential through AT*SQA. AT*Work™ sorts the testers according to their Testing Tiers® software testing level, with the highest levels at the top.

Why do employers use the free AT*Work™ Software Tester Directory to hire testers?

AT*Work makes it easy for employers to search for the best software testers for their team. The testers in AT*Work™ have:

  • Proven their knowledge of software testing by passing the official American English software testing exams from AT*SQA for ISTQB certification, AT*SQA certification, or AT*SQA micro-credentials
  • Proven their commitment to communicating well with your team by demonstrating their American English skills through the exam process
  • Self-reported their proficiency and experience level for testing areas, test tools, domains, and programming languages so you can find the best match for your position

How do I find the best software testers for our organization?

The AT*Work™ directory of software testers available for hire makes it easy to find the best software testers because:

  • You can narrow the list by searching the software testing skills and knowledge areas
  • All testers in AT*Work™ have earned globally-recognized American English software testing certifications or micro-credentials through AT*SQA
  • The results are sorted by the Testing Tiers® software tester ranking levels, with the highest levels reported at the top, making it easy to compare testers who have multiple certifications and micro-credentials

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AT*SQA AT*Work™ Software Tester Directory Q&A

  • To appear in the AT*Work™ directory of software testers, you must have passed one or more certifications or micro-credential exams through AT*SQA from our list of ISTQB certifications, AT*SQA certifications, and/or AT*SQA micro-credentials
  • You must also have opted in through your AT*SQA account and completed your AT*Work profile
  • Anyone who does software testing full-time or part-time, such QA analysts, software developers, test managers, SDETs, software engineers, security testers, automation engineers, business analysts, etc. can appear in the directory so long as they meet the above criteria.
  • AT*Work™ displays software testers according to the Testing Tiers® software tester levels and points
  • The testers with the highest levels and points appear at the top of the list to make it easier for employers to identify the top candidates
  • Each tester's skills, experience, and ratings are self-reported and are not verified by AT*SQA, so it is the organization's responsibility to confirm that testers have the skills they report
  • The certifications and micro-credentials are verified by AT*SQA
  • To contact a software tester in the AT*Work™ directory, you must have or create a free AT*SQA account, verify your email address, and agree to AT*SQA's terms of use
  • You may contact no more than three testers per 24 hour period using the message box on the tester's AT*Work™ profile page
  • Spam or abusive messaging is strictly forbidden and may result in the banning of your account
  • If an organization sends you a message, you will receive an email notification from AT*SQA
  • The email from AT*SQA will not contain the message - you must log into your AT*SQA account to see the message
  • If you wish to contact the organization after reading the message, you may do so directly through your own email program using the email address they verified through their AT*SQA account