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Hiring software testers? Upskilling and building your software quality workforce? Looking for a software testing job? AT*SQA offers exclusive software testing job resources for both managers and those seeking career advancement.

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Software Testing Interview Questions

Are you preparing for a software testing job interview, either as the candidate or the interviewer? Then you’ll appreciate the software testing interview questions that we gathered from testers, QA analysts, and test managers. These will be helpful in preparing for your next software testing job interview.

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Job Postings Requesting U.S.-Certified Testers (ASTQB/ISTQB or AT*SQA)

See the links below for hundreds of software testing / QA analyst job postings that ask for ISTQB/ASTQB software testing certification in the US.

Do you have a job posting that requests U.S.-Certified or ASTQB/ISTQB testers? Send it to us through the contact form and we may post it below at no charge. This is a limited time offer, subject to change. Also see certified and credentialed software testers available for hire in the AT*Work Software Tester Directory.

U.S. Software Testing Jobs Requesting U.S.-Certified Testers (ASTQB/ISTQB or AT*SQA)

Featured Company Job Postings Requesting ISTQB/ASTQB:

U.S. Job Board Postings Requesting ISTQB/ASTQB: