How Do I Book ISTQB Exams?

Follow these steps for your ISTQB exam booking.

  1. Step 1 for ISTQB Booking: Visit the ISTQB Exam Booking page. This page has options for ISTQB exam bookings depending on whether you are an individual booking one ISTQB exam or an individual or company booking multiple ISTQB exams.
  2. Step 2 for ISTQB Booking: Decide which ISTQB exam you wish to book. If you do not have any ISTQB certifications yet, you should book ISTQB Foundation Level because that is required before you can book other ISTQB exams.
  3. Step 3 for ISTQB Booking: Click the Purchase Vouchers link to go to the ISTQB booking purchase page. ISTQB exam vouchers are the best way to book your ISTQB exam because you have 365 days to book and take your ISTQB exam. Complete your ISTQB exam voucher purchase using this form.
  4. Step 4 for ISTQB Booking: Go to your AT*SQA account. There you will find your ISTQB exam voucher code. You can use that to book your ISTQB exam by clicking on the Exam Scheduling & Rescheduling button. Book the available date and time that works best for you. You can book your ISTQB exam online at home or at a testing center.
That's it! You have now booked your ISTQB exam. Good luck on your exam!

Do have questions about booking your ISTQB certification exam? Let the friendly AT*SQA support team know how we can help.