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AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credential

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Agile Software Testing Methodologies Micro-Credential

The Agile software testing lifecycle methodology has been widely embraced in principle, but in practice, the methodology tends to be modified. In some cases, this modification makes sense to adapt the methodology properly to fit a particular situation, but in other cases, the concept of “Agile” remains only in its name, not in the practice. Because Agile is a pervasive methodology in its various forms, all software testers need to be familiar with it, in the base concepts, the pure form, and the various modifications.

This micro-credential focuses on Agile methodologies from the viewpoint of the software tester. This includes concepts such as the goals of Agile methodologies, the basics of Agile testing, how to make Agile successful, the risks with Agile testing methodologies, and Agile methodology types and usages.

This AT*SQA Agile Implementation micro-credential is the first part of the Agile testing micro-credential stack offered by AT*SQA. After you earn this micro-credential, we suggest that you then earn the AT*SQA Agile Implementation micro-credential, followed by the Making Agile Work micro-credential.

When you have earned those three plus the AT*SQA Test Approaches micro-credential you will also receive the AT*SQA Agile Testing certification!

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