DevOps Testing Certification: Create Efficiency Across Your Entire Software Organization

Show you are part of the QAOps and DevTestOps future with AT*SQA DevOps Testing certification.

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AT*SQA DevOps Testing certification shows that you have what it takes to be part of DevOps, QAOps and DevTestOps.

What is DevOps Testing? The classic organizational structure tends to put strict borders between the Development team, QA team, and Operations team. DevOps breaks down the barriers so Development, QA, and Operations have a more efficient way to work together across the software lifecycle, from development to delivery.

DevOps is a cultural shift, and DevOps Testing is a critical part of that movement. AT*SQA DevOps Testing certification is how you prove you're part of the DevOps future.

DevOps Testing Certification Resources

Prepare for your AT*DevOps certification exam with these free resources:

Syllabus (Body of Knowledge) Sample Exam Sample Exam Answers

How Do I Prepare for the DevOps Testing Exam?

The resources above give you a strong start on preparing for the DevOps Testing Certification exam. There is no required training, and you may study on your own. We recommend that you 1) view the webinar, 2) study the syllabus, and 3) take the practice test. We also offer optional training through that AT*Learn Essentials of Software Testing online course. If you want to take a smaller first step, start with the AT*SQA DevOps Testing Micro-Credential.

Here is what other testers said after passing the exam:

  • "I recently took the DevOps Testing certification from AT*SQA and the webinar was very useful to complement the syllabus. I first went thru the webinar and then read the syllabus and it made more sense. Thanks for posting such valuable webinars and extending our careers and goals further."
  • "The syllabus, along with the sample questions and answers, were very helpful to prepare for the exam."
  • "Overall the exam was quite straightforward and the questions came from the information found in the syllabus. After going through the syllabus after the exam I could identify some of the subtle mistakes that I could have avoided with a bit more careful reading."
  • "The sample exam was an extremely helpful tool, very insightful to possible questions or format."
  • "The syllabus was very well structured, and I think it's a good introduction for people new to the theory."

Why Should I Get the DevOps Testing Certification?

AT*SQA DevOps Testing certification is the perfect complement for your ISTQB and ASTQB software testing certifications. AT*SQA DevOps Testing certification:

  • Works for everyone in DevOps, QAOps and DevTestOps, not just those who consider themselves full-time software testers, because there is no prerequisite.
  • Adds you to the Official U.S. List of Certified Testers™ used by American employers. (While it's not important to American employers, if you wish to also appear on the ISTQB SCR, you must pass one of the ISTQB certification exams offered by AT*SQA.)
  • Can be kept up to date with our flexible, no-hassle recertification that helps you and your team automatically stay on the cutting edge.

Who Needs AT*SQA DevOps Testing?

Those working in QAOps and DevTestOps obviously need AT*SQA DevOps Testing certification.

Development roles in DevOps are not limited to people titled as developers or software engineers. This approach involves activities that are "continuous": continuous development, continuous integration, continuous delivery, continuous testing, continuous deployment, and continuous monitoring.

The roles include everyone who is involved in making the software before it reaches production, not just full-time software testers, which includes:

  • Product managers
  • Business analysts
  • Product owners
  • Quality assurance testers
  • Software development engineer in test

Similarly, operations roles include everyone who is involved in managing production, including deployment, execution and maintenance. This includes:

  • System operators
  • Systems engineers
  • DBAs
  • Network engineers
  • Security experts.

DevOps requires people in these roles to work together from the beginning of a software development project until it is delivered, breaking down the walls that stand between different departments.

AT*SQA DevOps Testing Body of Knowledge

Below is an outline of the AT*DevOps body of knowledge.

Introduction to DevOps

  • Overview
  • Origins
  • Myths
  • Benefits
  • Transitioning to DevOps – People, Processes and Tools


  • Core Values
  • Three-Way Thinking
  • The DevOps Continuous Lifecycle
  • The DevOps Pipeline
  • Risk-Based Testing
  • DevOps Technologies


  • DevOps and Testing
  • Testing During Planning
  • Testing During Coding and Building
  • Testing During Staging
  • Testing During Deployment
  • Exploratory Testing
  • Continuous Testing in the DevOps Pipeline


  • Automation in DevOps
  • Test Automation
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • Configuration Management
  • DevOps Toolchains


  • Cultural Changes
  • Management Challenges
  • Barriers to DevOps Adoption
  • Success Factors

Exam Format: AT*SQA DevOps Testing

The exam consists of 40 questions. Test takers have 90 minutes to complete the exam. Note: If English is not your native language, you qualify for a time extension of 25%, so you will have 113 minutes in that case.

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