AT*SQA Recertification

How does AT*SQA help me demonstrate ongoing competency?

You can prove that you are staying up to date with modern software testing knowledge through our flexible recertification for the AT*SQA certifications: Testing Essentials, Testing for IoT and Mobile, and DevOps Testing.

  • Our recertification helps ensure your certification continues to be valuable over time.
  • You have 3 full years from the date of exam before recertification is required.
  • For flexibility, you may choose from any of the recertification options below.
  • You will self-report your recertification activities at least 30 days prior to your expiration date (see below for details). AT*SQA will review them, follow up with any questions for approval of your recertification, and then issue approval, as appropriate.
  • Upon recertification, you will receive your new certificate through your AT*SQA account.
  • Note that for any certification that requires recertification, the user’s lack of providing required information to AT*SQA by the required date will be considered notification of the intent to allow the certification to expire, and their certification will expire.

Option 1

Pass 1 other AT*SQA certification exam

Option 2

Pass 3 AT*SQA software testing micro-credentials

Option 3

Complete at least 10 hours of AT*Learn training

AT*Learn consists of webinars and training courses offered by AT*SQA

Option 4

Complete a total of 10 contact hours of live or recorded training

The contact hours must be training offered by AT*SQA or approved by AT*SQA - see below

Contact Hour Requirements

If you will be recertifying by accumulating contact hours through continuing education:

  • Remember that the objective is to confirm your continued competence in testing and software quality assurance, particularly as it relates to the AT*SQA certifications.
  • Suitable training or education should therefore focus on ongoing changes or new developments in testing and software quality assurance.
  • General training in areas such as business communication or organizational skills, while valuable in their own right, do not meet meet the objective of confirming your continued competence in testing and software quality assurance.

Self-Reporting Process

No later than 30 days prior to your expiration date, you must send your recertification information to AT*SQA through the AT*SQA contact form following the procedures below.

  • If you are have passed another AT*SQA certification exam OR three AT*SQA micro-credentials OR three modules in AT*Play, simply let us know that you wish to use that for your recertification qualification. We will verify the information and issue your recertification.
  • If you will be recertifying using the "10 contact hours option" for training, please include a link to an external (e.g. Google Drive, Dropbox) document or spreadsheet that provides the following itemized information for each training course:
    • Course provider
    • Course name
    • Instructor name(s)
    • Course description
    • Course length in hours, or fraction of hours, including only the actual course time (e.g. not including travel, registration, or other unrelated time)
    • Course date and time
    • Course location / online
    • Links to relevant course information such as an outline, presentation, and handouts
  • AT*SQA will review your submission, follow up with any questions for approval of your recertification, and then issue approval, as appropriate.
  • Upon recertification, your certificate will be updated with your recertification date and will be available via your AT*SQA account.

What is the difference between AT*SQA certifications and micro-credentials?
The AT*SQA certifications and micro-credentials complement each other to keep your testing knowledge up to date.

  • AT*SQA certifications prove you have industry-leading, in-depth knowledge of key testing areas.
  • AT*SQA software testing micro-credentials show that you have cutting-edge knowledge. Choose from those that:
    • Extend your current certification knowledge with timely updates.
    • Take a first look at emerging testing areas.
  • Certification exams may have 40-80 questions while micro-credential exams have 10 questions.

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