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AT*SQA Micro-Credentials - API Testing

AT*SQA Software Testing Micro-Credential

API Testing

API Testing Micro-Credential

API test development and execution is the most important grey-box functional testing a tester performs if the application(s) shares data, messaging, and relies on the input and output of various API endpoints. API testing is performed to ensure API endpoints and data sharing functions work as expected. API testing ensures connecting data feeds are sending the data expected as well as how, when, and where expected. API testing guards against data corruption in transit or sudden failures in database or endpoint connectivity. API testing ensures your application functions perform as intended for applications designed for web or mobile environments.

Testing APIs is an essential skill for the modern-day software tester. Mobile and web applications use data continuously and share it amongst applications making the software tester role more complex. Testing the API connections for an application is a critical skill in today’s professional software tester job market.

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