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Should You Be Testing Using The Cloud?

Cloud-based testing offers several advantages that can help your software testing and development teams, but it's not without risk. AT*SQA free body of knowledge that allows you to take a close look at this area of software testing, plus an optional AT*Learn™ software testing training area that presents the information in a webinar. 

The benefits of testing using the cloud include:

  • Reduced cost
  • Availability of scalable resources
  • Faster setup for test execution
  • Ability to customize environments and expand test coverage
  • Increased test coverage based on access to a variety of hardware or devices

By leveraging cloud-based testing, organizations can optimize their testing efforts, improve software quality, and enhance overall development productivity. The cloud's flexibility, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and collaborative capabilities make it a valuable tool for modern software testing practices.

What are the risks of testing using the cloud? Are there best practices? Learn more in the body of knowledge and training. Once you have gained this knowledge, prove it to your employer by earning the Testing Using the Cloud micro-credential.

AT*SQA's micro-credentials are the easy choice for organizations that want to upskill their software quality – as well as QA professionals who want to future-proof their careers:

  • They fit every budget. Each AT*Micro™ credential from AT*SQA includes two exam attempts and free study materials for just $39.
  • Our optional, highly acclaimed AT*Learn™ provides webinars for each AT*SQA micro-credential and is just $7.99 per month for training that covers all 10 micro-credentials.
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Testing Tiers® Software Tester Ranking

Are You on the List? What is Your Level?

As a professional on the Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers™, you have shown your commitment to working efficiently with U.S. companies and their software development teams by:

  • Demonstrating your American English ability through the exam registration process
  • Passing AT*SQA's official American English version of your certification exam
  • Building your level in the Testing Tiers® software tester rankings
The only way you can appear on the Official U.S. List and Testing Tiers is by taking your ISTQB certifications, AT*SQA certifications, and AT*SQA micro-credentials through AT*SQA. Learn more now.
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AT*Work Software Tester Directory

Find Qualified Software Testers Quickly

Software quality demands have never been greater, but finding the perfect match between employers and software testers can be difficult. The new AT*Work™ software testing directory makes it easy. 

AT*Work lets employers search for certified and credentialed software testers using the following self-reported criteria:

  • Testing Areas
  • Scripting/Programming Languages
  • Test Tools
  • Domains

Software testers meeting the criteria are sorted based on their Testing Tiers® ranking and shown with a self-reported rating of experience for each item.

American employers will especially appreciate that all software testers in AT*Work™ have demonstrated their commitment to communicating well in American English because they have passed the official American English exams from ASTQB – ISTQB in the U.S. – and AT*SQA.

For testers seeking job opportunities, the AT*Work directory provides a platform to showcase their talents and connect with prospective employers. Creating a profile is simple and intuitive, allowing testers to highlight their skills and demonstrate their proficiency in various software testing areas. Learn how to appear in the AT*Work directory.

The AT*Work software testing directory is the easy way for employers to find certified and credentialed testers with specific skills, knowledge, and experience. Learn more or search now

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