Learn Why This Software Tester Earned 9 AT*SQA Micro-Credentials

AT*SQA's Micro-Credentials and AT*Learn training for software testing both have great prices and practical information that helps you on your job.
But don't just take our word for it. We asked accomplished tester James Billings to give us his thoughts. James has earned 9 AT*SQA Micro-Credentials, plus 7 ISTQB/AT*SQA/IQBBA Certifications.
We asked James, "What do you like best about the AT*SQA Micro-Credentials?"

"My favorite part of the AT*SQA Micro-Credentials was actually having AT*Learn to prepare for them. The videos that go with each individual certification made it very easy and efficient to break up the material and focus on individual parts as time allowed instead of trying to learn everything at once and cram for a large test.

It is a much easier and less stressful way to learn and test."
James went on to say that he would recommend the AT*SQA Micro-Credentials to both new and experienced software testers.
"For anyone new to testing, they provide a great introduction and overview of the world of software testing. They are also broken up into bite-size chunks that are easier to understand and not as overwhelming as the larger full certifications.

For experienced testers, the AT*SQA Micro-Credentials provide a great way to brush up on fundamentals, plus possibly identify areas of interest or potential improvement for some of the more advanced topics."
It's easy to get started on your own career development. Learn about AT*SQA's Micro-Credentials for software testing and our AT*Learn training for software testing.

Have you earned a few AT*SQA Micro-Credentials or used the AT*Learn training? Let us know what you liked best about it. Additionally, if there is a specific software testing topic you would like to see covered in the future, we would love to hear about it.
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AT*SkillStack™ makes it easy to add software QA credentials to your resume

AT*SkillStack™ is a great way to build a stack of skills toward a QA job or a promotion. Get the 8 AT*SQA's Micro-Credentials below and they will automatically stack to a certification!

  1. Test Approaches
  2. Testing Techniques
  3. Test Automation
  4. Performance Testing
  5. Cybersecurity Testing
  6. Usability Testing
  7. Connected Devices Testing
  8. DevOps Testing

When you earn all 8 of the AT*SQA Micro-Credentials above, you'll also be awarded the full AT*SQA Testing Essentials Certification!

Don't forget: You'll be added to the Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentials Software Testers™ when you earn your first AT*SQA Micro-Credential and keep earning Testing Tiers™ software tester ranking points with each new AT*SQA Micro-Credential and certification!

Learn more about the Software Testing Talent Stack. You might also notice an interesting offer from AT*SQA!

Cost-effective training is available through our Essentials of Software Testing course in AT*Learn, or you can self-study using the free syllabus for our Testing Essentials certification. Learn more about AT*SQA Micro-Credentials and get started today!

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API Testing Micro-Credential

Our 9th AT*SQA Micro-Credential was released recently and is already growing in popularity: API Testing

Training is available through our Essentials of Software Testing course in AT*Learn for $7.99 per month, or you can self-study for the Micro-Credential using the free syllabus for our Testing Essentials certification. Learn more about AT*SQA Micro-Credentials and get started today!

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