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If you have year-end budget available, use it for ISTQB certificationsAT*SQA certifications, and AT*SQA micro-credentialsWe let you take your exams anytime during the next 365 days. As always, when you purchase 20 or more certification exam vouchers at one time, you receive a 10% discount. Purchasing 50 or more? Contact AT*SQA's friendly support team for extra discounts.

Purchase your certification exams and your micro-credential exams now. If you need to make a volume purchase via invoice, let our support team know and we'll be happy to help.

If you want to take your certification exam before the end of the year, we recommend you schedule it now. Proctoring schedules fill quickly toward the end of the year, so schedule early if you want a specific date or time.

Do you also need software testing training? Our software testing course is available for just $7.99 per month or $79 for a full year.
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14 Lessons in Building Quality Software

Does your company depend on a small group of heroes to rescue software development projects? It makes things exciting, and it's a great feeling when you succeed, but it also burns out teams.

Instead, learn how to build sustainable software quality with "14 Lessons in Building Quality Software," our free case study. These are lessons based on real projects with real humans.

For example, here is Lesson #1: "Don’t reward for shipping on schedule. Anyone can ship garbage. Base rewards on quality measures." See the rest of the lessons
See the 14 Lessons
Testing Tiers™ Software Tester Rankings

Get the Recognition You Deserve
The Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers™ and AT*Work™ Testers for Hire

As a professional on the Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers™, you have shown your commitment to working efficiently with U.S. companies and their software development teams by:

  • Demonstrating your American English ability through the exam registration process
  • Passing AT*SQA's official American English version of your certification or micro-credential exam
  • Building your level in the Testing Tiers® software tester rankings
Get the recognition you deserve! AT*SQA's ISTQB certifications, AT*SQA certifications, and AT*SQA micro-credentials add you to the Official U.S. List of Certified & Credentialed Software Testers, and if you need a job, the AT*Work list of software testers for hire. The more certifications and micro-credentials you earn though AT*SQA, the higher your level in both lists!
See the Official U.S. List of Certified Software Testers™
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