ISTQB Online Exam Information

Pre-registration Information

Frequently Asked Questions

You need to first log into your account. You will then select the option of "Schedule My Exam" from the buttons on your main account page. Your voucher will also appear under the buttons on that page.

Webassessor Registration Instructions Questionmark Registration Instructions

You will be able to use a pre-existing voucher to schedule an online exam. If you already have an exam center scheduled, you will need to first cancel it. Then you can use the same code to schedule online. If you need your voucher code, please contact us and we will send you the code.

Some older vouchers may need to be updated in order to be complete the registration. You might also encounter a tax calculation error. If that is the case, please contact us and we will be happy to help you.

If you have a voucher that was given to you by either a training provider or a company employee, you can speed up the process of fixing your voucher by sending the name of the training provider or the name and email address of the employee who gave you the voucher. The date when you received the voucher is also very helpful. Please contact us and we will fix your voucher.

Older accounts in AT*SQA may require an adjustment in Webassessor. While your AT*SQA account may have the correct contact information, Webassessor might not contain the same information. Please contact us and we will be happy to update that for you.

Requirements for Taking the Online Exam

Please read through the requirements if you are scheduling an online exam:

A computer with an internal or external camera (note that the instructions mention an external camera, but your built-in, internal camera is acceptable).

Installation of the program used for the exam.

A current government-issued photo ID that will be presented to the proctor before the exam stsarts.

Online Proctoring Through Webassessor

These are the directions for the exam process that most exam takers will use. If you have been directed by AT*SQA to instead use Online Proctoring through QuestionMark, please read the directions for Questionmark.

Webassessor Instructions

Online Proctoring Through QuestionMark

This is only for exam takers that have been instructed to use QuestionMark.

Questionmark Instructions

Post-registration Information

If you have online exams scheduled, you can access more online exam information here:

Checklist for Taking Your Exam

Once you have scheduled your exam make sure you are ready for your online exam at least 72-hours before the exam.

  • Have you downloaded the programs required for your exam? Links to the programs needed are listed below.
  • Have you checked the installations of the programs work?
  • Figure out where you are going to take your exam. Prepare a space in your home to take the exam. This should be a place free of paper, pens, pencils, noise, electronics, etc. You will be required to show your work environment and ID to the proctor.
  • Programs on computers. You will initially use your internet browser, but no other programs (i.e. Outlook, Excel, etc.) should be running. Before taking your exam, please make sure to quit the other programs running on your computer.

Webassessor Online Exams

Prepare for Online Exam:

If you have scheduled an online exam, please log into your AT*SQA account and then select the "Webassessor Online Exam Login" button here to download the exam program and get set up for the day of your exam. Please make sure you have installed all of the programs needed to take the exam at least 48 hours in advance of the test.

Login to take your exam:

If you are taking your exam today make sure you are logged into your AT*SQA account and select Webassessor Exam login on the right. Good Luck!

Frequently Asked Questions

To log in the day of your exam, you will log into your AT*SQA account and the proceed to Webassessor using the "Webassessor Online Exam Login" button on that page. This will pass your login information to Webassessor.

You can not log in directly to Webassessor. You need to enter the site through AT*SQA.

Main Account Page

On the day of your exam, log into your exam 15 minutes before your scheduled time. Once you are in Webassessor, you will select the "My Exams" menu option and you will see the "Launch" button.

If you can't log in, start the program, etc., please contact Kryterion support immediately about the issue. They can walk you through getting started on your exam or will reschedule you for another day.

Kryterion Support

QuestionMark Online Exams

Prepare for Online Exam:

The following three things must be added to your profile before scheduling an exam. To do this, click on your name in the upper right and go to Edit Profile. You must click "save" after editing each profile section:

  • Your real first and last name in the Main section
  • Your local time zone from the Account section

Please make sure you have installed all of the programs needed to take the exam at least 48 hours in advance of the test. While it is not required to install Zoom in advance, we highly recommend it. Please review the exam process.