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Innovation in Software Testing Education: Lessons from an International Technology Initiative

It’s a question that has immense importance to those concerned with software quality and workforce development. How do you impart software testing knowledge and skills to individuals with varying educational levels and technology background (perhaps none)?

This podcast offers lessons in software testing education from an international technology initiative that can be applied by both corporate training departments and governmental workforce development organizations. The lessons and insights should also of great interest to academic researchers and charitable foundations.

Topics covered in this podcast:

  • A brief overview of the speakers and the software testing educational initiative.
  • The educational process in developing software testing skills with someone who has limited background in this area. Is it possible? Where do you start? Where do you go from there?
  • What are the insights and lessons that can be applied? What is the best educational process - is it the same as when you work with individuals with more technical background?
  • Is it possible to reach a basic level of proficiency? What type of ongoing education is needed? What is planned?
  • Why is a certification exam an important milestone? Isn’t completion of a class “good enough”?
  • Can this same model be used in other countries? In the U.S.?
  • For those who are already software QA professionals, what lessons can they learn about training and developing less experienced individuals?
  • For those who study software quality assurance, what areas might merit research or examination based on what you’ve learned?
  • For those who support software quality through grants or other consideration, what areas might be most helpful for their focus based on what you’ve experienced?

Special thanks to our guests: Michael Pucci, Ph.D, Education Innovation Director, Muraho Technology, Adele Pucci, and Randall Rice, CTAL of Rice Consulting Services.