Webassessor Online Scheduling Information

Requirements for Taking the Online Exam

A computer with an internal or external camera (note that the instructions mention an external camera, but your built-in, internal camera is acceptable).
Installation of the program used for the exam.
A current government-issued photo ID that will be presented to the proctor before the exam starts.

Online Proctoring Through Webassessor

These are the directions for the exam process that most exam takers will use. If you have been directed by AT*SQA to instead use Online Proctoring through QuestionMark, please read the directions below.

Scheduling and Taking Online Exam Instruction Video

Contacting Webassessor (Kryterion) - https://www.kryteriononline.com/test-taker/online-proctoring-support

Required Environment

See this short video that gives you an overview of the online (remote) proctored exam experience. Note that the video mentions an external camera, but your built-in, internal camera is acceptable.
  1. A private room with no one else present.
  2. No music, TV or other disturbances.
  3. No books, notes, papers, writing instruments, cell phones, tablets, electronic devices, headphones, hats, watches, etc.

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